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I am a Dog Training College Certified Trainer; Romanian Rescue Recommended PRO Trainer with The Dog's Point of View and Absolute Dogs Certified PRO Trainer (GEEK). I am studying to become a Canine Science Behaviourist with the School of Canine Science. I am a proud member of the Pet Professional Network.

Your dog's safety and wellbeing is at the forefront, as well as promoting and strengthening a positive relationship between dog and owners. 

I use Positive Reinforcement based methods (using rewards to increase a desirable behaviour), with an emphasis on changing your dog's emotions towards the triggers - addressing the root cause of behaviour - that causes a reaction. If your dog is "Reactive", these behaviours such as barking or lunging will usually be fear based, or frustration, or over arousal.  I will NEVER advise or use the use of Force, Fear, Intimidation or Aversive methods or tools, such as Choke/Shock/Prong Collars.

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