Handmade Snuffle Mat - Available in a range of colours. Price includes P&P. 
A snuffle mat is an enrichment toy that encourages your dog to sniff and source out hidden treats. Simply sprinkle treats on to the snuffle mat, and watch your dog find them!
The Snuffle Mat can be used as part of "Ditching the Bowl" during meal times; as an acitivity to encourage calmness (sniffing is naturally calming for dogs) or just for fun! 
Enrichment allows dogs to engage in natural behaviours such as Sniffing, Digging, Foraging;. These work the brain, and develop problem solving skills, mentally stimulating your pooch. Mental stimulation is as important as physical exercise (and can be more tiring than), and is an aspect of the dog's lifeyle which is often overlooked in the dog's every day