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In 2018, I adopted a Street dog from Romania. Despite having been good with other dogs at the Rescue Shelter; she soon became a Frustrated Greeter on her arrival in the UK, due to the lead.  She got over-excited upon seeing dogs, but was also nervous when it came to greeting them. Being on the lead reduced her natural response of fight or flight. In time, her responses became more fear based. She would scream hysterically at the sight of any dog at any distance; she'd root herself to the spot, if a dog got close she'd lunge and growl. I begun researching how to help her, using force-free methods. Here begun her own journey from a Reactive Dog, to a transformed dog; and myself to wanting to dedicate my life to help other Reactive Dogs and their owners.


Lucy is still very much on her own journey, but her progress is truly inspirational. She can now walk behind unknown dogs at a range of 2 metres and overtake them, without reacting; able to focus, remain calm, and listen; and is now beginning to meet and make dog friends again.

As an owner, I can completely understand the grief, frustration; loneliness; helplessness and embarrassment, that can be experienced owning a Reactive Dog, on a day to day basis. I promise, you are not alone in feeling like this. I've had the judging eyes and tuts of disapproval, as I'd be holding on desperately with all my might to the lead, as my dog would be barking as loud as she possibly could, and lunging at any dog, at any distance. I've had those walks, where I've cut them short, walking home in tears because I was so overwhelmed with my dog's behaviour. This wasn't the dream I'd envisaged owning a dog. I'd wanted walks on the beach, play dates with other dogs, I wanted to take her to local pubs; enter her in Dog Shows. I couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel. This all changed, I saw my relationship with Lucy absolutely blossom, and together as a team, we have helped her largely overcome her fear of dogs. Walks became a joy again!

As a Trainer, I want to help both you and your dog using scientifically proven methods; strengthen your relationship and for you to have your lives transformed. 

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