These T&Cs are for the interest of safety, responsibility, and welfare for our clients. Transfunmation Training reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. Any changes will take immediate effect and it is the responsibility of our clients to read these.

  • The training session will take place at your home or at a suitable, agreed location, depending on the nature of the training.


  • For clients actively working with Transfunmation Training. 3 x 1 hour sessions to be taken over a month (eg. Oct 4th to Oct 31st, then Nov 1st - 5th Dec etc). If you are interested in working with Transfunmation Training to help your Reactive/Nervous/Aggressive Dog, an asessment shall first be made - feed seperately.

  • Please pre-book your first session of the month at  which will take payment covering 2 sessions (£90 to ensure all clients are committed - 40p/hr which also covers travel. The remainder of the 3rd session can be paid via bank or cash in the sum of £30, no later than the end of the session on the date booked.) 

  • To book a further 2 sessions for the month, see the booking calendar for availability. Unfortunately at this time the website provider doesn't allow more than one booking in one go. Please contact Transfunmation Training via your preferred method of communication, which shall be entered manually and confirmed - these will be booked at a first come first serve rate, so booking in advance is highly advised. 

  • It is the client's responsibility to book sessions, if all 3 sessions are no taken within the month this shall not be refunded. If you'd like to book more than 3 sessions, then these will be priced at the standard rate of £40 p/hr.​​


  • Your chosen package includes support between sessions via Email or the Transfunmation Training Community Page on Facebook.


  • *Sessions will usually last an hour. However, this will depend on the individual dog and the criteria of training. If your dog is only capable of 30-minute sessions, then we will accommodate this to ensure that they do not become overwhelmed; learning is still taking place and a positive experience.



  • If you need to cancel your appointment please inform me, allowing 48 hours notice and we will endeavour to reschedule at a more convenient time. Cancelled appointments with less than the notice period of 48 hours will incur a cancellation charge of £15.00  (none refundable).


  • If the client needs to put their training on hold for a period of time, and would like to resume at a later date, for whatever reason, then please contact Transfunmation Training privately. Failure to inform Transfunmation Training otherwise will result in you being taken off the client list.

  • Transfunmation Training holds the rights to end services if there is no communication from clients within a reasonable time period of 3 weeks. Transfunmation Training will only work with a select number of customers at one given time to ensure the best support to your dog and family is given. If you'd like to end the service, please inform Transfunmation Training to allow them to open up space for customers on a waiting list.



  • The individual dog and severity of the behaviour(s) will take time to overcome. (Prior) Learning, the Environment, Genetics, and the dog as an individual will dictate how quickly their ‘Transfunmation’ is, and new learning should be taken at the dog’s pace. Behaviour modification cannot be rushed; there is no “Quick Fix”, and Transfunmation Training cannot guarantee a result. It is the responsibility of the owners to act and implement the training that is taught; and the owner’s responsibility to complete “Homework” between sessions if given. For example, this may be to play prescribed games to build your dog’s confidence, or to do 10 minutes of counterconditioning and desensitisation between sessions.


  • For past and current clients, from September 2021 Transfunmation Training will offer an optional Walking Service. This may also include implanting behavioural modification techniques or alternatively taking your dog on a Decompression Walk, away from triggers. Prices will be individual based on client’s location.